24 hours continuous power supply in Telangana. Is it needed ?

I have availed good opportunity today to represent farmers issues to the Telangana State Electricity Regulatory Commission . This is my 96th event of any kind during my 6 years of farming experience. I told Commission that farmers are neglected lot, system should change and respect to a farmer should increase. I also mentioned in writing that Farmers may not need more than 7 to 9 hours of supply, based on my 70 acres requirement.

Why do we need 24 hours continuous supply. That amounts to heavy Transmission and Distribution loss (may go up to 35% with continuous supply). Secondly, on continuous supply , water gets depleted, by extra drawing over course of time, they get dry before the season ends, leading to withering of crops.

My request to Commission was to limit the supply to any two spells (totalling to 7 ~ 9 hours)time zones, as otherwise, water will not fill the bore, if all farmers operate simultaneously. Let Farmers think if such view is right.

— Sudhakhar Reddy, Telangana.


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